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Party Guidelines
We are excited to have you and your guests visiting our farm. Thompson Farm and Nursery is a fully operating farm and observing these guidelines will help assure you of a perfect party!
1. Please arrive at the farm 30 minutes prior to your party time so that you can get settled in before all the other guests arrive. Upon arrival, please park in the designated parking area and check in at the General Store. Your party planner will meet you there.
2. The party will last for the time you reserved. After your reserved time, we have allowed for 30 minutes of clean-up time for you to gather up all your belongings. If you see that your party is lasting longer than you expected, then you may pay $20 for each additional hour if we don’t have another party scheduled.
3. If you would like to purchase extra food for your guests to feed to the animals, you may do so for $.50 per container. One container of food is included in your party package. All of our animals are on a specified restricted diet. Please do not bring outside food to feed them. For the safety of our animals, anyone that has traveled outside of the United States within five days of visiting our farm will not be allowed to enter the petting farm.
4. After feeding the animals in our barn, everyone will be required to wash their hands with sanitizing wash. Sanitizing wash stations are mounted on the post as you exit the critter barn. Hands must be washed with soap and water prior to picking any produce.
5. Food, bottles, pacifiers, cigars, cigarettes, and any other item that could be exposed to animals and placed near a person’s mouth will not be permitted in the barn. Children should be instructed not to put their hands near their face or mouth after feeding the animals until they have washed their hands. 
6. Don’t forget to bring your camera because we are sure you will want to take a lot of photos!

7. Weather and cancellations: We sometimes get rain on one part of the farm and not on others. If we must cancel your birthday party due to weather, we will reschedule your party. If you must cancel your party for reasons other than weather, please let us know as soon as possible, please call 843-385-0426. 
Thompson Farm and Nursery appreciates the opportunity to share the farming experience with you. Please remember that farming is our livelihood. Please respect our fields and facilities and stay within the areas designated by your party planner.